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Wine Tastings

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Welcome to Cake Wines Cellar Door, from the Adelaide Hills all the way to Redfern. They started out as a group of young winemakers and wine lovers; crazy about wine and the culture it’s a part of. Their approach is pretty simple, make great wine and support things that make the world a more interesting place to live.

Sample all Cake Wines has to offer with this tasting experience.

  • Taste up to 6 wines from current and previous reserves
  • Your vino enthusiasm
  • 5 minute walk from Redfern Station
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Orlando Sydney

My second visit to this local new establishment. The first when it was very quiet one Saturday afternoon. Decor looked nice and has a good feel to it. A few nights ago we went for some live music. The good sound system assisted the terrific musicians on the bill. The venue lost a star for having bar staff with a sharp attitude and being so territorial and inconsistent about the bar area. I'm not a little kid and I'm not hard of hearing so say it with respect. I will probably visit one more time as it's only a few minutes away.

Elle Chapman

I love this bar and the location but unfortunately some things let down the amazing setting. First of all, the bar staff seem very young (even though I'm 22!). The girls just seem very standoffish and only interested in themselves. I guess not so much young, just immature? The first time we went whenever we ordered something (like a pizza) it felt like it was a huge hassle that we'd asked them to do should feel welcome. The second thing is the food - for $20 for a plain margherita I thought we'd get a great pizza made in a proper oven. Instead ours was made with an awful supermarket base and topped with dried herbs instead of proper ingredients like fresh basil. For $20 it is a rip off especially when you can get a lovely handmade wood-fired pizza with fresh ingredients at somewhere like Rosso Antico for $16. The third thing is the fact that it alway feels empty. We came on a Friday night to Keep It Disco happy to pay the entry fee thinking it would be a proper party. But it was empty - so essentially they were trying to charge us $10 each to get into a wine bar. It would have been $30 all up. There are so many other places you could go? It felt wrong. If they could get the bar staff to be a bit nicer, change the prices or ingredients of the pizzas and promote Keep It Disco better I would honestly come every weekend

Jessica Ford

Such an amazing little venue. Great vibe. Awesome tasting wine. Live music and DJs are great. Pizza is really good and tastes homemade.