MASHAY - Wine Blending

Wine Blending

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Try the two-hour, blend-your-own wine masterclasses – an opportunity to beat the winemaker at his own craft and create the perfect blend, learning about the craft of winemaking along the way. Then there’s the opportunity to bottle and buy a dozen of your finest, with a personalised label.

Alex has established Australia’s first Urban Winery as a way of bringing the city closer to the source of the craft. Whether its blending or just popping in for a tasting, this space, wine and experience is truly unique.

  • 2 hour wine blending session
  • Sample and enjoy glasses of shiraz, tempranillo, petit verdot, mataro, grenache and merlot.
  • A charcuterie board of cold cuts.
  • There is ample parking. You can also walk from Sydenham Train Station.
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Geoff Warleigh

I think Alex Retif is one of Australia's best wine makers and one of the wine industries best kept secrets. His whites and reds are supurb and should be tried by all wine lovers. I don't like Rose but Alex's Rose is exceptional and well worth a go with a nicely cooked piece of Salmon. Urban Winery is a fun Sydney experience. Alex has a unique approach to wine making and everything he does is great.

Tricia Fallows

Great wines. Ran by a great guy. Go to a Sunday Long lunch if you can! 👌

Lisa Casey

Wonderful winery in the heart of St Peter's Precinct 75. We went to a Sunday long lunch and the experience was exceptional. The food was amazingly delicious and wine was great as well. Very generous servings. Highly recommend this for a Sunday lunch.