MASHAY - Street Food meets Fine Dining

Street Food meets Fine Dining

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You have just had your first sip of your rum spiked Lassi and your senses are awakening as the “Tandoori lamb riblet with coriander & mint satni and date relish” is brought to the table. Your friend’s eye each-other off, working out who will make the first move but fortunately 3 more dishes have just made their way to the table and the banquet is on!

Bang is a unique addition to Sydney, pairing Bangladeshi street food with fine dining. Set in a cozy space with exposed brick and and a lively open kitchen. It's the perfect spot for a social dining experience with food lovers.

  • The chef has crafted this banquet experience to include a selection of 3 entrees, a main and a dessert
  • You will have a choice of wine, kingfisher beer or cider to wash down your food with
  • An empty stomach.
  • Nearest bus stop is Albion St at Riley St. From there, it is a 150m walk towards the restaurant's location.
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Josephine Adam

Pretty good food and service!! It’s a must try for those who wants to experience something new :)

Rachel Stevens

Visited for lunch on a Friday afternoon. The restaurant was empty and staff seemed shocked to see a customer. The waitress then (inadvertantly) shamed me for dining on my own, saying that the menu is designed for at least two people to share. Nice start, I need a drink! I ordered the cocktail Dhaka Attacker: no can do, we're out of eggs; I then ordered an Aperol Spritz: sorry, we've run out of Aperol. Third time lucky, I got my stiff drink. I ordered the grilled paneer and the head chef chatted with me about the origins of the house cocktails and Bengali food. He was the highlight of my visit and was lovely to talk to. The meal was delicious and so different from the usual curry dishes on offer at most South Asian restaurants. Coming in at $39, the paneer dish and cocktail were very good value. Also very filling as paneer has a high protein content. Despite the early glitches with the waitress, I highly recommend this restaurant.

Sarah charles

Bang! That's a cool name for a restaurant - kind of appropriate for a Bangladeshi restaurant, just the first four letters of its national origin. Wonder if this way of naming a restaurant could apply to other types of cusine, I guess it could, but maybe not quite as good. Anyway, this place has been doing its thing in Surry Hills for a while now and we were surprised we’ve never heard of it, nor crossed its path until now. It is know for Bangladeshi street food. Strolling the streets of Surry Hills the restaurant is kinda unassuming, for a name like Bang, they could do with some signage that has some Bang, and some Neon could work. Once inside, you'd be hard pressed guessing this is a Bangladeshi street food restaurant, the place looks more like a fine dining restaurant, it was quite refined, with a suave modern feel. Much like their take on Bangladeshi street food, the menu items, although street food inspired, were refined. With technique and quality presentation. This place also had an exciting wine list that, with some excellent wine from Portugal that paired nicely with the food on offer. Can't say we have visited many restaurants serving Portugese wine. The food at Bang was extremely tasty, not too heavy and not too much spice, just enough to hit your taste buds with a flavoursome spice kick. Upon viewing the menu it was noticed that there was a starter of peanuts for $2 and that all proceeds donated to the Fred Hollow's Foundation. Great to see a restaurant giving back and we happily obliged. Upon further viewing of the menu, the honey roasted paneer instantly stood out as a dish to order and that instinct proving correct, as it was an excellent option. The soft shell crab was another top option with the spicy chilli achar providing that flavoursome bang along with some welcomed sweetness. There were many hits amongst the starters, the briyani arancini another quality option. The Tandoori Lamb cutlets are a must, they were perfectly cooked, the spice and herbs combining for some more bang and amazing flavour. We love a good Korma and the oven roasted, spiced duck was the pick of the mains. The meat perfectly prepared very enjoyable dipped in that rich sweetness of the korma. This was excellent dining experience with tasty food and equally tasty wine and good service. It was enjoyed in a nice setting with great company where_do_i_eat_pete and eatwithmyfoodsafari. Thanks to Pete, who is brand ambassador for Eat Club which allowed for a good discount on our meal, check it out!