MASHAY - Street Food meets Fine Dining

Street Food meets Fine Dining

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You have just had your first sip of your rum spiked Lassi and your senses are awakening as the “Tandoori lamb riblet with coriander & mint satni and date relish” is brought to the table. Your friend’s eye each-other off, working out who will make the first move but fortunately 3 more dishes have just made their way to the table and the banquet is on!

Bang is a unique addition to Sydney, pairing Bangladeshi street food with fine dining. Set in a cozy space with exposed brick and and a lively open kitchen. It's the perfect spot for a social dining experience with food lovers.

  • The chef has crafted this banquet experience to include a selection of 3 entrees, a main and a dessert
  • You will have a choice of wine, kingfisher beer or cider to wash down your food with
  • An empty stomach.
  • Nearest bus stop is Albion St at Riley St. From there, it is a 150m walk towards the restaurant's location.
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Nisha Pasham

Bang? More like Fizz. As a West Bengal native, I was quite excited to discover a "Bangladeshi street food" restaurant 15 min walking distance from my place. I also thought it would be a special treat for my elderly parents. The first thing that hit us was the loud music - the volume more suited to a nightclub rather than a restaurant. When I requested that the volume be turned down slightly so that my parents and I didn't have to shout at each other the whole night, the waiter who was seating us acted as though I'd asked for Assisted Dying Legislation to be passed. "Sorry, we can't just turn the music down." (Umm..why exactly? Is there a complex Parliamentary procedure involved? Does your stereo system not have a volume knob?) He also helpfully explained that even if he were to turn the music down, there would still be a lot of noise since "people are talking loudly around you." (Er here's a radical thought; maybe they're having to shout because the music is so loud?) The male waiter also then proceeded to be quite rude and brusque throughout the evening, plonking our dishes down without a word. (In contrast, his two female counterparts were much more pleasant and infinitely more professional.) The manager has also spared no effort whatsoever in creating any sort of Bangladeshi ambience - the walls are bare and unadorned, there is no real decor to speak of and there's nothing remotely Subcontinental let alone Bangladeshi about the playlist. I understand the need to cater to the mainstream but one doesn't walk into an Italian restaurant expecting to hear sitar music. We ordered the set menu and while the entrees appeared almost immediately, everything else came at a glacial pace. Ordinarily, I would not have minded the wait - it was a busy night - however since the ambience was so unpleasant, with our ears being continuously blasted by the doof-doof music it felt more like torture. While most of the food was palatable, the goat curry was so fibrous, we couldn't finish it. For a tab of $200 (without alcohol or drinks) - definitely not “street food” prices - I think we could be forgiven for expecting our main course not to have the texture of old shoe leather. Bang could learn a thing or two about being culturally authentic, while also catering to a hipster crowd (mind you, the two shouldn't be mutually exclusive in any case) from classier acts like the very popular Indu and Manjits on the Wharf. The menus state unabashedly "Bang is the favourite of celebrities and political leaders" a statement that I understand, is supposed to be ironic. Perhaps so is the term "Bangladeshi street food restaurant"?

David Baxter

Very tasty food and a good selection of wines. Also had a really great fit out. A good place to eat out with a small group of friends or work colleagues.

Muntasir Mehboob

THIS IS NOT STREET FOOD.!.!.! and certainly NOT BANGLADESHI.!.! Can't fathom the disappoint.. as a Bangladeshi, I came here looking for authentic food.. but its far from authenticity. Update: stomach didn't agree.. for both me and my friend.. Thanks Guys.!.! #ATrueBangInLoo