MASHAY - South East Asian Flavours

South East Asian Flavours

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You enter a communal low lit dining area with long wooden tables stretching the length of the room. Instantly your senses are captured as aromatic South-East Asian spices fill the air. You came to dine, share plates and explore flavours and you quickly realise you chose the right place. Moments later your table fills with a carefully constructed banquet featuring dishes such as “Betel leaf, spanner crab, mango, chilli, mint” and “caramelised pork hock with five spices and chilli jam”. You take a sip of caipiroska to cleanse your palate and the adventure begins...

Inspired by the communal eating philosophy of the Asian table, Longrain is for social food lovers who enjoy a great spread with friends. Combine that with its 18 year stretch of hats, awards and consistent taste knockouts, you’re in for a treat.

  • This banquet includes 7-courses to share with your group. The perfect way to experience the flavours Longrain has to offer.
  • An empty stomach.
  • The restaurant is a 400m walk from Museum train station.
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Andrew Cheung

Incredibly good (upmarket) Thai food! Deliciously tasty and very well presented. They get very busy, but there is a cool waiting area where you can get cocktails while you wait. Can be a bit pricey, but the quality is higher than your average Thai place.

Sam Macartney

Staff were super good, friendly and efficient and accommodated allergies like pro's. Had banquet, which was reasonably priced with good portions but not quite on the same level as some other Asian restaurant banquets in the city. Nonetheless, great staff and venue.

Vrunda Tambe

Great menu, busy restaurant with long tables for a real community vibe. The food was good, must try the salmon on the mains menu.