MASHAY - Shuck Off Oyster Workshop

Shuck Off Oyster Workshop

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From $90
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Join Sydney Oyster Girls and Handpicked Wines for the ultimate oyster and wine workshop. Explore Australia’s finest oyster regions with a curated selection of oysters from across the country. This hands-on workshop will teach you the art of shucking an oyster as well as give you the know-how to pair oysters with wine.

Workshop will be held at Handpicked Wines cellar door where you will get to shuck (and eat!) your own oysters as well as learn the differences between varieties and regions.

  • Your ticket includes a minimum of 15 oysters and a wine tasting. All utensils will be provided.
  • Yourself and your appetite for the ultimate oyster experience.
  • Handpicked Wines is a 10 minute walk from Central Station
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Niaz Payne

My go to wine and cheese place. Absolutely love this place. Brian is an absolute delight and extremely knowledgeable about all things wine. Props to the owners for embracing and promoting him. Could be less stingy with crackers. Otherwise 5/5.

Aaditya Kasliwal

My first time here yesterday. The raclette was amazing. And combined with the wine the experience was heavenly.

Steven Joe

Amazing service, outstanding wines, super cheeses, can’t say enough good things!