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Drunk Painting

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Drunk Painting is for EVERYONE! Total beginners, or those with painting experience… are all welcome.

The term ‘drunk painting’ is meant figuratively (although, we’ll make sure to have some drinks available to you… if desired!). It’s a state of mind. When ‘drunk painting,’ we lower our inhibitions, remove the worry of what our art looks like, and focus on having fun so that we can create a masterpiece!

  • Refreshments of Beer & Wine provided
  • Acrylic paint & palettes
  • Canvases + Great teachers + Selection of brushes
  • We’ll provide a bunch of drinks, but feel free to BYO if you want something more specific
  • A willingness to leave your comfort zone behind for an evening!
  • Dress for a mess!
  • Work-Shop is a 10 minute walk from central station. There is also some street parking around.
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Alexandra K

I like this place and their terrarium workshop was really fun. Giving it 3 stars because one of my plants didn't do too well and all I've done is the info I was given at the workshop :'(

Derek Jenkins

Came here to do the "OOOOBYVERSITY: SMALL SPACE ORGANIC GARDENING" course. An unprofessional and underwhelming experience. Presenter spent half the time apologising for out of date slides and trying to be funny. Would have been better off saving the $65 and staying at home to watch YouTube tutorials.

Adriano Massatani

Welding for beginners was truly a great experience as Phil, our teacher, was passionate and capable. He did not look at the time and he gave us 40 minutes of extra time.