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Surf Lessons

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You look the part. Your hair is crusted with salt water, you’re rocking a ripcurl wetsuit and you have a 7 ft board under you. The next set of waves is approaching and you paddle hard to get on the wave. The wave is breaking beside you as you move from your knees to feet. You’re surfing…

Manly Surf School is a leading surf school in Australia, training everyone from beginners to professionals. Bring along some friends to learn from a group of instructors who have dedicated their lives to sharing an Australian passion.

  • Surfboards and Wetsuits
  • A 2 hour group surf lesson by a professional surf instructor at one of the best beaches in Sydney.
  • Your swimmers, sunblock and a towel
  • Manly Beach. Meet at North Steyne Surf Lifesaving Club, which is opposite Pine St and on the right of the Surf Club. Nearest bus stop is North Steyne SLSC, Pine Street.
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Sabrina Müller

The teachers were nice and did their best that the students felt they were progressing. So the lesson was alright. But the friendliness of the staff before the lesson was absent. One does not feel welcome at all.

Peter Moran

Brilliant place, great instructors - I would probably stay away from weekends if possible as it looked super busy, weekdays though was great..

Fun Tube

Kids had fun, the instructors were patient and made sure kids had a chance to pop up and surf. I was on edge watching the kids in the water filled with blue bottles, most of them got stung. Not a bad location, but we had to walk a fair bit to the lesson area and at the end carry the surf boards back... which was tiring... but oh well...