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You’re in the thick of it now. Your crouched behind a oil drum channelling every first person shooter game and all the reruns of Rambo, to ignite your inner paintball demon. You see a burnt out car in the middle of the factory and you make a run for it. You're surrounded by enemies now and you know it's going to be a fire fight. The good news is they’re only 16 years old, you're a grown man and all your mates on your team are full blown psychos.

Just 10km from Sydney CBD, Die Hard Indoor Paintball is a 2 level indoor paintball centre offering all the kit and facilities you need to turn your friends into a Jackson Pollock artworks.

  • 2-hour battlefield hire
  • 200 paintballs
  • All equipment and clothing including the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum marker/gun
  • All players must present sufficient photo ID and be over the age of 16 years. Consent is required if under 18.
  • Extra money if you want more paintballs
  • Die Hard's indoor paintball centre is located directly opposite Turella train station.
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Lachlan Albert

Absolute champion named Hayden was a legend. Made the time so much better! Recommend it. He deserves a promotion

Heath Parker

Very accurate advertising. There is paint. There are balls. Dave was there.

Becky Luo

An unforgettable experience. It's not that expensive either! Perfect for going with friends. Also customer service is very responsible and professional!