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You’re flying down a national park trail with Aussie gum trees on either side of you and sandstone under your tyres. The path ahead clears as you reach the summit of the ride. You look out across an undisturbed view of Sydney’s beaches with a great group of friends around you and an Irish guide who has kept you laughing the whole way.

Joe’s offers bespoke mountain bike tours across the Northern Beaches. They bring all the gear, knowledge and passion to allow you to just enjoy the ride.

  • Joe's will take you on a guided bike ride tour across Manly Dam. The tour can be personalised to suit all skill levels in your group.
  • As for equipment, mountain bikes, helmets and gloves will be included.
  • Pickup and drop-off from Manly Ferry Terminal.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for riding (no jeans) and any protective clothing/accessories such as a light rain jacket, sunglasses etc.
  • Take a ferry from Circular Quay to Manly Wharf. See to see the ferry timetable.
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Dave Evans

I don't do reviews but on this occasion I felt the need to do one. Coming from the U.K. we have plenty of trails to choose from so I didn't know what to expect. The route that Joe guided me on in the Manly Dam area was awesome. It was up there with some of best black routes I have ridden. This route reminded me of Moab, except you are in a rain forest not desert. If you feel the need for a quality mountain bike ride in Sydney, look no further than Joes Mountain Bike Tours. I guarantee you'll be blown away. Nice one Joe.

Tim Browne

Highly recommend Joe's Mtb tours. Great local knowledge and experience and a fun guy. He has a good range of quality bikes and equipment. I have done a few tours with Joe and will again soon.

Dean Hindman

I'm a beginner rider that just wanted to get some great tips while seeing some of Australia's best mountain biking spots. I have joined a number of Joe's tours and experience is not a pre-requisute, most tracks have a number of ways down, and he has made everyone feel comfortable. If you want to push your mountain biking or just want to have a friend who's coming to town experience something truly unique, I really really recommend this to all my friends visiting from the UK.