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Every heart pumping childhood memory of Cliffhanger has brought you to this point. Originating in Europe, Bouldering is exploding across Australia. It's a social style of rock climbing where climbers don't use ropes or harnesses, but scale shorter walls and are protected by a thick, padded floor. There is no equipment required to start bouldering, making it a fast and easy way to build strength and have fun!

There are climbs for all levels of fitness, ranging from suuuper easy to competition level, meaning everyone can do it! Bookings aren’t required unless your group size is greater 10. If your group is larger than 10 people, call the front office beforehand to let them know.

  • A day pass grants you unlimited access to the rock-climbing facilities
  • Comfortable activewear and a bottle of water.
  • 9degrees' rock climbing centre is a 13-minute walk from Mascot station.
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Cindy O

Nice and spacious so you don't have to wait too long to climb. They offer student discounts! Offers Moisturising cream for your hands too. Not too far from the station.

Stephen Guo

Good for beginners and intermediate skill levels, but can be crowded at times. Make sure you ask for help starting out so you don't get hurt.

Aaron Raikes

What a fun way to burn a few calories, my first climb I was worried, the second I was taking more chances a d by the third I was comfortable enough to leap to the next peg if I needed to. So fun!! It should also be mentioned they are dog friendly and serve nice coffee.