MASHAY - Escape Room

Escape Room

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From $44
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Be the world class code breaker / escape artists you always knew you could be. With 60 minutes on the clock you and your group will have a chance to combine your brainpower and overcome a series of challenges in order to escape the room and prove you are all worthy of ASIO.

Located in the heart of Sydney's CBD, Escape Hunt has built highly immersive escape rooms, that quickly bring you and the group into character. You and your team will walk away cell mates, having worked together to crack puzzles, solve the crime and beat the clock. Based on your group size you will be split into smaller groups of 6 or less and play off to beat the buzzer and crack the case. Sooo... are you willing to accept the mission?

  • 60 minute escape game in teams of up to 6 players in 1 of 4 different room themes
  • Dress up detective photo shoot after the game + Certificates for the winning team (by request)
  • Refreshments (tea, coffee, water, hot chocolate, biscuits). Alcoholic beverages can also be purchased
  • Your inner Sherlock Holmes