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The Dive Centre Manly Discover Scuba program enables a non-certified diver to experience the thrill and adventure of scuba diving under the supervision of one of our professional PADI Instructors.

You’ll head straight to the beach where you’ll master some basic concepts and skills before heading off on an ocean dive to experience the underwater world first hand. The Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve offers calm, shallow conditions and abundant marine life; perfectly suited to first time divers.

  • All equipment
  • Guides and training
  • Swimmers and towel
  • Manly Dive Centre is a 10 minute walk from Manly Ferry Terminal.
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Gaizka Administracion

Caution, ask first before meeting. I Will allways remember this words : Amazing, worderful and.... The two worst dives of my Life. They líed to me the day before. Please, be sure you have asked where are you going before meet for the dive. Monday: I found out Manly Enviroment Center Who recommend to go to meet Richard And dive with them. Richard was the promotor of Shelly Beach to became a marine reserve then i was so excited to meet and be grateful with them. When i get there i told them my story that i arrived there follow signals for helping nature and that i was so Happy because i was accepted to be volunteer in Manly Ocean Care Day as a Penguin, tourtle mascot. And i can not wait to see Shelly Beach. At that moment i felt that ... I was in a business place not in a place to make Friends and Tell my stories. It was ok!!! They told me that they have Two days for diving. Wednesday And Friday. 175$ Two dives. And they strongly recommend to dive om Friday to Shelly Beach. Thursday evening: I call them and asked about : how will be tomorrow to dive in Shelly Beach? Answer by telephone of the recepcionist: Worderful Amazing and other similar sinonim. Then i booked two dives. I thought no Matter if those dive is the one of most expensive dives i ever payed (only 40 dives) if i Will enjoy in Shelly Beach with the bests. All the opposite. Friday 9:00 I have to say that the diving master , driver, and all the people Who Dived were so Friendly. Before the briefing they gave me a Big suit.i told them , they said no it fits you. Finally it was Big And all the cold water came into my suit. In the briefing they explained that we were going to make Two dives un the same place.starting on the beach and followimg a wall, Less than 10 metters. Thats why i thought It was a place into Shelly beach. Dont pee in your suit please!!! Once we get on the van , i realized that we were going to the wrong direction, not to Shelly. Then i asked and they told me that we were going to a better place because Shelly had bad visivility because of the wind . Into Sydney hardbor side, not into the Ocean side. First dive, we could not see anything. Thats nature. Visivility 3-4 metters. In the better places 5 m. 18 °C The friendly German guide was so slowly, It was dificult to follow and not Crush with Her. Most if the time we where sttoped. Also the suit was Big And at the 10 min i started feeling cold. I did not feel that she was focused on Her team . Maybe because She knew that there were tengo dives masters diving at the end of the team. Even thought i did not feelt in a team until i injured my back. Even if we were around 8 metters all the time we only spend around 40 min. With the cold i was felling, ( usually i dont care if i see a shark or a nudibranc but that day was really Boring) After finishing , feezing , i was as in a hurry to dont pee and i tried to get out of the sea quickly and go to the toilette. Ramp un my back. I have to say that they allways asked if i was ok. And i Will make the second dive. One of the dive masters said that he Will not make the second dive also for pain in his back. Maybe the cold? Maybe bored? Maybe amazed worderful ...? I Will never forgot that words and the entonation. Nobody Told anything about that we almost dont see anything. But I trusted the recomendation of my Friends in Manly Enviroment Center Who LOVE nature and recommend to go there. Then decided even with pain, to gave them the oportunity with the second dive. Second dive same área right side, we stayed in an área of 25 metters, 8 metters Deep máximum. Visivility a bit better and we saw some fishes, nothing special. I think that the Girls Who make snorkel could see more than us. The divers so Friendly, especially the driver, a german girl.for that and for Richard act Thats why i give them one star ratther than 0. Arriving yo the diving center i asked about snorkeling in Shelly. They told me i could borrow the snorkeling pack for 30$ until 18. I am a ped Maybe in the future but i dont think i would go again with them

Jaxon Boyle

I have just completed the PADI Deep Diver Course with Dive Center Manly and couldn’t recommend them enough. This was my third course with them along with multiple shore dives and I have been impressed every time. A combination of friendly, skilled and encouraging staff make diving with them a pleasure. Affordable rental and course prices further add to my feeling of satisfaction. The center offers a excellent range of courses, so whether you are new to diving or wanting to move into the technical area, the center can accomodate for your needs and equipment requirements. Manly Dive Center is best center I have dived with so far.

Trevor Justus

Very friendly staff and there gear hire is very affordable. I have done a few guided shore dives at Shelly beach with them and have had a great experience every time.