MASHAY - Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer

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From $20
Included when booking through Mashay

You’re running full pace surrounded by bubble body armour and hell bent on seeing your friends fly through the air. You make a half-hearted attempt to kick the ball which has become a side act to the real fun. Before you connect with the closest person on the field you are hit from the side and sent flying. You feel liberated as you roll on your back with less grace than a lady beetle. The good news is it's not even half-time and vengeance is stirring.

Bubbsoc provide all the gear and umpires you need for the experience. You pick from their list of fields, they meet you there and help run the experience for you.

  • Bubbles + Cones + Oval Hire
  • Referee
  • Comfy shoes
  • Water
  • Popular location is Wentworth Park. It is 500-750m walk from Darling harbour. Alternatively, you can take the light rail directly to the Wentworth Park.
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Sam Johnson

Very entertaining and fun team building activity for both guys and girls. Elise did a great job in organising.

jonas stoebe

Elise's presentation of Bubble soccer at our school for my Yr 9 PE Elective students was a most wonderful as well as physically challenging and engaging experience for them all! The weather played along and the games and activities were appropriate and managed well. All students were well exhausted after the session and wanted to book the bubbleSoccer team again!

Isobel Hammel

We hired BubbSoc for a student event and all of the participants had a great time! Our event had a number of different games available and BubbSoc seemed to be the most popular by far. Our games instructor was Alan, who ensured everyone was safe and enjoying their time on the field - and he was incredibly easy to work with and understanding in terms of logistics on a busy day for us.