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Archery Tag

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It's the real-life Hunger Games. Archery Tag is the newest combat sport in which players use recurve bows and foam-tipped arrows to shoot at the opposing team members on the field. Two teams consisting of at least 5 players each, strategically move between large inflatable bunkers and aim to tag out their opponents using the arrows. Think paintball but without the pain, bruises or welts. Players do not need any prior archery skills; it's simple and safe!

Groups book a 1.5 hour event, which gives players time to learn, practice and participate in several action-packed rounds. To make things easy, the guys from Archery Games can set up on any field, court, space near you.

  • 1.5 hour archery game, with all equipment, obstacles and a referee
  • They can come to an oval near you. We will confirm the location after the booking is made.
  • Comfortable clothes and water
  • Your inner Legolas
  • They come to a field near you!
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