MASHAY - Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

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From $25

Welcome to Cake Wines Cellar Door, from the Adelaide Hills all the way to Redfern. They started out as a group of young winemakers and wine lovers; crazy about wine and the culture it’s a part of. Their approach is pretty simple, make great wine and support things that make the world a more interesting place to live.

Sample all Cake Wines has to offer with this tasting experience.

  • Taste up to 6 wines from current and previous reserves
  • Your vino enthusiasm
  • 5 minute walk from Redfern Station
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Nerida Douglas

Great space to catch an intimate gig, laid back, delicious pizza and great wine selection.

Sean Taylor-Leech

A bar staff person was very rude to our table of 6, which had spent about $50 each in just a few hours. What did we do wrong? Apparently laughing and talking loudly during a hip hop gig is not okay in their bar.

Sean Taylor-Leech

Apparently laughing and talking loudly during a live hiphop gig is not okay in this bar. A staff person rudely asked our table of six - which had spent $50 each in just a few hours - to be quiet! This is despite that there were only two tables of guests present and a loud sound system was on. How this staff person felt we were causing a problem is beyond logic.