MASHAY - Virtual Reality co-op experience

Virtual Reality co-op experience

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From $49
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Virtual Reality Rooms is Sydney’s first Virtual Reality group experience based in Sydney’s city center, with 6 rooms, accommodating up to 36 players at a time (2 to 6 players per room).

As part of the experience you and your crew will teleport into Eden space station. You will be equipped with special space suits that provide 60 minutes of oxygen and many abilities (such as shooting laser beams!). Fly in zero gravity, destroy aliens and move illusory objects using telekinesis to close the dark portal and save Earth. You know all the regular stuff...

  • 60 minutes of space adventures
  • The latest VR headsets
  • Your Space skills
  • 10 minute walk from Town Hall Station
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Min Gee So

I would recommend this activity if you haven't tried VR and are curious. It's implemented quite well but more like playing a video game than an escape room. The game glitched out during our session (cosmos) and I'm pretty sure we missed an entire puzzle section, so that reduced my rating on this occasion. Also the $60 pp price is a bit much.

AMSA Organisation

We had a fantastic time at Virtual Reality Rooms. It is a great team building and bonding experience as we all had to work together to get to each section of the game. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Mathew Burns