MASHAY - Street Food meets Fine Dining

Street Food meets Fine Dining

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From $55

You have just had your first sip of your rum spiked Lassi and your senses are awakening as the “Tandoori lamb riblet with coriander & mint satni and date relish” is brought to the table. Your friend’s eye each-other off, working out who will make the first move but fortunately 3 more dishes have just made their way to the table and the banquet is on!

Bang is a unique addition to Sydney, pairing Bangladeshi street food with fine dining. Set in a cozy space with exposed brick and and a lively open kitchen. It's the perfect spot for a social dining experience with food lovers.

  • The chef has crafted this banquet experience to include a selection of 3 entrees, a main and a dessert
  • You will have a choice of wine, kingfisher beer or cider to wash down your food with
  • An empty stomach.
  • Nearest bus stop is Albion St at Riley St. From there, it is a 150m walk towards the restaurant's location.
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Gabriel Viso Carrera

It was delicious. We followed the recommendations of the waiter and it was very good. We had soft crab shell, potato mash balls, a salad, lamb and goat curry to pay approx 75$/ person with 2 drinks each. The overall place and ambience is great. A place to return 👌

Ho Leung

Good solid dishes with big serving sizes, good naan, solid drinks menu

Justin Taylor

When I walked in, I really wasn't expecting much. I felt the prices were too high given the quality of the food. Overhyped. The photos of the food were appetizing and palpable, but didn't live up to the hype. Overall experience: 3 stars.