MASHAY - South East Asian Flavours

South East Asian Flavours

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You enter a communal low lit dining area with long wooden tables stretching the length of the room. Instantly your senses are captured as aromatic South-East Asian spices fill the air. You came to dine, share plates and explore flavours and you quickly realise you chose the right place. Moments later your table fills with a carefully constructed banquet featuring dishes such as “Betel leaf, spanner crab, mango, chilli, mint” and “caramelised pork hock with five spices and chilli jam”. You take a sip of caipiroska to cleanse your palate and the adventure begins...

Inspired by the communal eating philosophy of the Asian table, Longrain is for social food lovers who enjoy a great spread with friends. Combine that with its 18 year stretch of hats, awards and consistent taste knockouts, you’re in for a treat.

  • This banquet includes 7-courses to share with your group. The perfect way to experience the flavours Longrain has to offer.
  • An empty stomach.
  • The restaurant is a 400m walk from Museum train station.
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Andrew Cheung

Incredibly good (upmarket) Thai food! Deliciously tasty and very well presented. They get very busy, but there is a cool waiting area where you can get cocktails while you wait. Can be a bit pricey, but the quality is higher than your average Thai place.

Mark Lewis

Amazing flavour-packed dishes! Not cheap but worthwhile for a nice/fancy night out. Great cocktails as well, and the staff easily thinking like recommend hear tasting wines.

Eliza Welch

Absolutely delicious! As a non tofu eater their salt and paper tofu was the most amazing dish! Tofu that taste like cloud cheese.... Unbelievable. Backing this up with a devine slow cooked lamb curry, pork knuckle, oysters and cocktails. One of the best value meals in Sydney. Love the friendly staff and low light (forgiving) atmosphere. Wonderful night.