MASHAY - Shuck Off Oyster Workshop

Shuck Off Oyster Workshop

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From $90
Included when booking through Mashay

Join Sydney Oyster Girls and Handpicked Wines for the ultimate oyster and wine workshop. Explore Australia’s finest oyster regions with a curated selection of oysters from across the country. This hands-on workshop will teach you the art of shucking an oyster as well as give you the know-how to pair oysters with wine.

Workshop will be held at Handpicked Wines cellar door where you will get to shuck (and eat!) your own oysters as well as learn the differences between varieties and regions.

  • Your ticket includes a minimum of 15 oysters and a wine tasting. All utensils will be provided.
  • Yourself and your appetite for the ultimate oyster experience.
  • Handpicked Wines is a 10 minute walk from Central Station
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Rachel Olivier

Bit pricey but fantastic wines! I asked for a oaky Chardy and the girl served me the Hand Picked 2015 Chardonnay Collection from Mornington Peninsula, this was an absolute delish. Oaky but not too heavy, still refreshing. Loved it!

Edward Byrne

I picked up a great Pinot noir tonight from the Mornington Peninsula for a very reasonable price. Very service and would definitely go back again.

Jay Kruzic

OK, I've raised my review to after a phone chat with the owner. Our group had a very bad experience. We made a reservation for Raclette Tuesdays, a heavily advertised event, and our group was completely ignored. No offer to get us wine, water, or anything. Once we tracked down some staff to help, the service was continuously difficult all night and we had to track down staff on multiple occasions. Since the event was advertised like a Raclette restaurant, which is why we made the booking, we has some expectations based on our experiences other places. Despite us all ordering the Raclette, at no point was it explained to us that they are only a wine and cheese bar and not a restaurant and their unique style of Raclette service was not explained. So it is possible this is an OK wine and cheese bar, but the service and communication needs to improve.