MASHAY - Pizza Cooking Class

Pizza Cooking Class

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From $89

Join our Pizza masterclass for a fun, delicious and hands-on pizza making experience! Learn step by step how to craft the perfect dough, how to stretch it out like an expert, top it with your favourite ingredients and oven cook it to perfection. You’ll be amazed by your own talent and your favourite pizzeria will start wondering where you’ve gone…

After the lesson, you will sit down to enjoy a spectacular pizza of your own creation as it emerges hot from the oven with our beer of the week!

  • A lesson on how to make a delicious pizza
  • A recipe sheet to take home
  • Your pizza for lunch with SMC’s beer of the week!
  • An apron
  • Closed shoes
  • The venue is a 3-minute walk from Bondi Junction station.
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John Pitsonis

Great coffee and friendly service from Maya and Gloria. My wife, Nicky, says that Maya makes the best Decaf Skim Mocha ever!

Alexa Moses

Friendly service and quick turnaround, and in an excellent location when grocery shopping.

Dee Smith

**Watched staff put salted meat that had fallen on the floor where people walk BACK ON HOOK FOR OTHERS TO BUY**🍖😷 We bought biltong at Westfield Bondi Junction. A tall girl served us and accidentally knocked it down off the hook over the counter, no biggie. Then she when to get another larger bit and knocked it off again only this time it fell to our feet. Picked it up for her. Watched her put it next to the cutting board and PUT THE HOOK BACK IN. Looked her dead in the eye and said "you're not going to hang that back up are you? It needs to go in the bin." "no" she said. But she seemed to be hesitating. We walked around the corner of the Delhi and decided to watch. Not one minute after leaving the counter, she had hung it back up between the other meats. To think people could be eating floor meat where other peoples filthy shoes have been! Have you no standards? We confronted her and asked to speak to a manager (several times). She tried to lie her way out of it and her colleague tried to play dumb to the manager. I understand that she was scared of making a mistake but to acknowledge you are doing something that can make people ill and try to cover it up is unforgiving. Don't think health and safety would be impressed hearing this. 👎👎👎