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Gin Blending

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The scent of botanics fills the air. Your senses are overwhelmed with combinations of lemon myrtle, river mint, cassia and juniper. After sampling a selection of pure botanical distillates, you put your newfound knowledge to the test and start crafting your own signature blend to take home.

Archie Rose is leading the revival of Sydney’s boutique distilleries. From gin and whisky blending, to tastings and master classes, Archie Rose’s experiences are recognised worldwide, setting the bar for what it means to be immersed in the world of distilling. This reputation means they book out fast, so make sure you lock in your experience well in advance.

  • You will get the chance to blend a selection of Archie Rose’s pure botanical distillates to create your own signature blends.
  • Each guest will leave with two 200ml flasks of their own, truly unique, gins.
  • Yourself and your creativity as you will need it to create your own unique gin blend.
  • The nearest bus stop is Botany Rd At Hayes Rd. From there, it is a 280m walk towards the location.
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Alex Siegers

Great bar! We did a distillery tour and gin mixing course which was pretty cool. Mixed our own botanicals into some Archie Rose gin to take home. I felt like a real distiller! All the staff are super friendly and informed too. Even if you're not interested in distilling or the history of gin, the bar has a great sound track so come for that at least.

Laurence Murray

1 hour drive to be told there is a private event today at the bar. We called twice and spoke to a Nikki (in the morning and just as we were nearby looking for parking) and both times this was not mentioned. It was for your anniversary as my partner loves to try gin.

Laurence Murray

Due to a miscommunication we didn’t get to do our tasting. The owner and the management team personally contacted me when I left feedback and not only apologised but went above and beyond to make up for it. Thanks all, will see you for that tasting.