MASHAY - Free Form Dance

Free Form Dance

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From $7

It’s Thursday night and you find yourself in a blackened-out room, dancing off with an eclectic crew of groove makers and body shakers. The space is filled and the only common thread amongst all of you is that you enjoy getting your dance on.

Welcome to No Lights No Lycra, leave your inhibitions at the door and bring out your inner soul sister/mister, this workout invites all levels of booty shakers. Founded in Melbourne, this dance community is flourishing in over 70 cities, with no teachers, no steps to learn, no technique, just freedom to boogie.

  • NLNL provides a dance space for individuals who just want to let go of their inhibitions.
  • You will dance for one hour to great tunes and come out feeling revitalised.
  • A water bottle, comfortable clothes to dance in and a small towel to wipe that sweat off.
  • Activewear is recommended.
  • Popular Location: Newtown. The dance space is a 500m walk from Newtown train station.
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