MASHAY - Five course meal at home!

Five course meal at home!

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Foraging for Change experience is a special 5-course sit-down meal prepared entirely from natural ingredients. The experience is held by Chef Robert Morales in your own home or office. He will welcome all guests to the dinner table, cook and serve the feast one dish at a time, and explain how and where you too can discover amazing things to eat in the natural world that surrounds you.

Robert will also talk about the best ways to cook with the ingredients you find. As each dish is served, you can ask questions about the ingredients, recipe or cooking techniques. Feel free to relax, eat, drink and socialise with the whole table, or spend some time in the kitchen talking to Robert about the food. When the meal is over, you are welcome to stay and continue the conservation.

  • Your own personal chef including to cook, clean and source ingredients
  • 5 course meal
  • An empty stomach.
Margaret Gruca-Dziok

A fantastic dining experience! Loved it! The flavours & ingredients come alive when experienced without your sight! The chef provides intimate insights which no other dining experience will provide. And if you choose to eat with your hands it adds a completely new dimension to the experience ;-)

Mattia Baggiani

Awesome food and great service. Tremendous beer and wine list. We also received an amazing customer service from Petko!!! I'll contact CHEFIN again for other events.

Li Peiling

i went for their blindfolded dinner last week, it was great!!!!! Never tried anything like that before. You got blindfolded before the dish was served, and after each course, you have to guess the ingredients. That was so interesting!!! love the chef and the host , definitely recommend !!