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Distillery Tour

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The scent of botanics fills the air. Your senses are overwhelmed with combinations of lemon myrtle, river mint, cassia and juniper.

Archie Rose is leading the revival of Sydney’s boutique distilleries. From gin and whisky blending, to tastings and master classes, Archie Rose’s experiences are recognised worldwide, setting the bar for what it means to be immersed in the world of distilling. This reputation means they book out fast, so make sure you lock in your experience well in advance.

  • A guided tour of Archie Rose Distillery that teaches you about how they produce their vodka, gins and whiskies.
  • There will be a guided tasting of all four of their core spirits.
  • Yourself.
Michael Cross

Its always refreshing when you go to a specialty location and the staff not only know what is available but they know their products well enough to make informed recommendations. As a fan of gin, vodka or wiskey, this place is definitely a must. The tasting flights provide a good opportunity to Mix and match the menu to find what is most appealing to your taste buds.

Rebecca Allan

The distillery tour guide was fantastic; knowledgable and very patient with an obnoxious person heckling him. The bar area wasn't anywhere near as engaging. We ducked off to the car to grab some money so we could buy a bottle of gin. We were advised the bar was at capacity. The gentleman that let us know we weren't allowed in (we did highlight that we were with a birthday party and we had spoken with him prior to the tour. He provided our forms and pens to go on said tour) was passive aggressively rude. Additionally, we couldn't purchase a bottle of gin or redeem the $10 off the bottle of gin that we were entitled to from the tour. We waited half an hour in the line, but the cold got to us and we were kinda pissed with the treatment we received from the passive aggressive bar guy. So we left. I had such a lovely time on the tour, so it was disappointing that we couldn't celebrate our friend's birthday with her.

Steve Duke

I have heard so much about Archie Rose and was really happy when a mate suggested we meet there for a drink after work. As gin is the signature drink we ordered a gin and tonic. The first one served to us was completely flat and was very dissapointing, we went back to the bar and the replacement was not much better. The place is great and the atmosphere very nice, but i was really disappointed by the gin and tonic. I hope it was just an off night.