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The Dive Centre Manly Discover Scuba program enables a non-certified diver to experience the thrill and adventure of scuba diving under the supervision of one of our professional PADI Instructors.

You’ll head straight to the beach where you’ll master some basic concepts and skills before heading off on an ocean dive to experience the underwater world first hand. The Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve offers calm, shallow conditions and abundant marine life; perfectly suited to first time divers.

  • All equipment
  • Guides and training
  • Swimmers and towel
  • Manly Dive Centre is a 10 minute walk from Manly Ferry Terminal.
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Jono Page

Had an awesome drysuit course with dcm. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge.

Vivia Tan

Good review : . 1st time called them to ask about information was ok. Until I paid, everything was still ok. . I was late for 10minutes because of the maps give wrong information about ferry. I was from Mascot to Circular Quay and from there took ferry to Manly. But they still want to wait, even though I can hear they are mad on the phone but still reasonable. And thank you for waiting. . We found some fish Bad reviews : . They gave wet wetsuit. I know its wetsuit but suppose to be wet when its been used. Not when I need to try it. Its hard to put it on when its wet. . My dive instructor, his personality is good, caring about his buddies during break or before we start, but I dont think he has enough experience to guide us. .. Why? Because during the dive, it was current sometimes, and to save energy and air, we not suppose to fight back the current/wave. We suppose to go with same direction or stay low until it become stable. But he kept going and hard to catch up and I was so exhaused. Cant enjoy anything else anymore after that. He didnt always check out on his buddies (we are 4 people), like looked back see if we are still there or not. . For me, it was too rush. Diving supposed to be relax and chill. (from my experience) . We dont really get different view compare with free snorkeling. We pretty much see what they can see as well from snorkeling. Since its only 5-10m with visibility 8m. Overall, it was good to be back in the water after 6months to refresh but.. Such a shame that they are recommended by friend of mine and they gave bad experience.

Louise Loosmore

I highly recommend buying snorkel gear from the Dive Centre Manly. Approximately 3 years ago I purchased a snorkel and mask from the Dive Centre. I swim every day in the ocean, so my gear gets a great workout. I love my snorkel gear and I can't imagine a day without it. Recently the snorkel began leaking, so, I took it into the Dive Centre to see if they could identify the problem. Chris pulled it apart and checked everything for holes and cleaned the filter at no charge. The next day the snorkel continued to leak, another trip to the Dive Centre. Without a doubt these guys are the best, Chris rechecked it all again and discovered a problem with the filter, can you believe he replaced it with a brand new snorkel at no charge. Thank you so much! I'm so glad I bought my snorkel gear from you guys. I couldn't get better service than that anywhere else, and it was all done with a lovely smile and a gentleman's handshake. If I could give more stars would.