MASHAY - Cocktail Degustation

Cocktail Degustation

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From $50
Exclusive Experience for Mashay Users

You walk down a ramp from the chaos of the city into a chic setting of black and white tiles, high ceilings and exposed concrete walls. In front of you is the soda and spirit experience of a lifetime and behind you is a laboratory reserved for the crafting of all natural sodas.

PS40 won Australia's Best Cocktail List and Sydney's best cocktail bar in 2017. This highly regarded team have crafted this experience as a Mashay exclusive, taking you through a series of five soda and spirit combinations. Be amongst the few to experience what these flavour masters can do. As a teaser imagine Germana Cachaça, dry sherry, chipotle tincture, toasted amaranth, smoked salt, lemon peel.

  • Five cocktails that include PS40s magic Soda and Spirit combinations and the odd suggested serve (Mashay Exclusive).
  • Your sobriety
  • PS40 is a 500m walk from Wynyard Station.
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Michelle Lin

Nice chic hipster bar. Strangely empty for a Friday night? There was only four other people there when we walked in (3 people friends drinking at the bar, and 1 man having dinner at the tables). A staff brought his adorable dog in and it was a cute furry vacuum. I liked the decor, prices are comparable to similar bars in the city. Atmosphere's good and the lack of people meant more space / and a more chill atmosphere for us. Warning though: they do not do normal sodas and only have their custom stuff like smokey lemonade (really weird but must try!).

Seng Teo

PS40 has always been on my list of bars to try, but why did it take me so long to come here? World class cocktails and homemade soda combine with an eclectic, inviting space and knowledgeable, friendly staff to make this place truly special. Make sure you try the smoked lemonade--the complexity of flavour will give you goosebumps! You won't be able to stop sipping. Give this place a go, and I promise you won't regret it--it will become your new go-to spot.


Very tasty drinks, great service, standard prices. Five stars even though the waitress dropped my drink on the table and broke the glass.