MASHAY - Axe throwing

Axe throwing

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You’re holding an axe. Wait, you’re holding an axe, there is a target in front and you are expected to channel your inner viking. You lean back with the axe gripped tightly in both hands. You swing forward, releasing (as the bearded man taught you) and boom!! Bullseye!! Your first child will now be named Thor.

Maniax is Sydney’s first and only axe throwing experience. You’ll experience the primal thrill of throwing hatchets at wooden targets whilst challenging your mates to see who is the axe throwing champ.

  • A 2-hour group sessions of axe-throwing fun.
  • The session includes one-on-one coaching from of Maniax' axe-throwing pros, time for target practice, and a double elimination tournament to find out who's the champion of the group.
  • Wear closed shoes and comfortable clothes to throw an axe in.
  • Sandals and thongs are not permitted. High heels are not recommended.
  • Located 5km from Sydney CBD, Maniax is a 750m walk from Sydenham train station.
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James Graham

Throwing axes! What's not to love?! Plus the staff are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful which made a huge difference to the atmosphere. They made us feel welcome and helped us get better at throwing axes. I'll definitely go again but the prices are a little high. Overall though, it was really fun and other groups their were having a great time too. Well done!

Xin Zhang

Had so much fun throwing axe! Went with a big group. We got some training and practice, then had a tournament of axe throwing. It was exciting. The staff was fun and organise everything well. We paid extra to have unlimited drinks, and there is a room next door to have good beer and pizza after the hard work. Highly recommended. Remember to wear close toe shoes.

Rocky Huang

Surprisingly, very fun. Probably the best corporate outing that I have ever attended. Great for team building and it's a fun skill to develop if you're ever lost in the woods and a bear's charging you.