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As you walk down a winding staircase, you are transported half-way across the world to Havana, Cuba. You are surrounded by a deep red and green decor, polished dark wood and vintage floral furniture. Your group takes a seat at the 10m wooden bar as a selection of rums rarely seen on this side of the world is set out before you. From here, your senses are taken on a journey across the Caribbean and Latin America, smelling and tasting everything from pipe tobacco and sugarcane to honeyed spiced nuts and dark chocolate.

The Lobo Plantation runs daily Rum Flights before the bars main service times. Gather a group of 4 or more, check out the times and call to reserve your experience.

What's Included
  • Sample and taste 4-6 international Rums
  • This flight takes you on a ride lifting off in Mexico, heading south east through the rum meccas of Central America and setting you down in one of our favourite rum making countries, Guyana.
  • All flights include complimentary snacks.
How to get There
  • The Lobo Plantation is a 450m walk from Town Hall train station.
  • 209 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000

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Emilio Garcia

The place is cool, the drinks are great, and the bartenders are very nice. Three stars because of the waitress in the floral jumpsuit who was so rude. I don't know if rolling your eyes at someone for asking you a question, or throwing two napkins on our table and ordering us to put our drinks on them is very standard nowadays, but I think its probably just being a rude human being. Martini was pretty good though

Katie Mackenzie

Such a rare find in Sydney, a good old fashioned cocktail bar. The staff are incredible the drinks may be on the pricey side but sure pack a punch. Watch out for Fridays and Saturday as it can be hard to grab a seat

Xavier Le Baron

Epic cocktail bar. Awesome rum collection from all around the world. Best of all is the staff and bouncer. Which is a rarity in Sydney. Lovely bar staff, very knowledgeable about their booze. They make seriously tasty drinks and the atmosphere is just chilled and cozy inside. Even the bouncer is super nice...unlike many other establishments in Sydney,. A big high 5 from me

Viveka Praba

Was here last night, and we were having a good time. Drinks were brought out pretty consistently, yes there were some drinks brought over here and there that we didn't order but we were fine with that. Up until the end of the night when we had to pay the bill and the incompetence and rudeness of the staff came out. They lay down the bill and it's something ridiculous like $432, with drinks we never ordered. We bring this up with one guy who says "well you came here at 4pm so it makes sense that it would be this much." Totally incorrect, we got there around 9pm which we let him know. He then asks the waitress we had to come over and check it. She comes round, and states "well you guys had doubles" to which we respond "no we didn't, we asked You for doubles and you said you weren't serving those." To which she still maintains we had doubles, to which we AGAIN had to remind her what SHE said to us. We also say that it's believed we got here at 4pm to which she has the audacity to say "well that's not relevant so let's forget about that". I'm Sorry but how is it not relevant that you think we are a group who got here at 4pm and got us down as ordering doubles in your system?? The first guy overhears this and says "look I know I said 4pm, but that's not relevant anymore so it's time To get over that". Easy for him to say, it's not his money that was about to get wasted down the drain! We had to make them show us exactly what they had put down and go down the list one by one doing their job for them. The waitress had the nerve to slap down the receipt and say "we all just want to go home and sleep okay, so here! I'll take these drinks Off!" Yeah we all do want to go home and sleep, so how about get it right the first Time? I feel sorry thinking about how many other people they've overcharged. If you're gonna go here, make sure to record your drinks down. It's fine if you've accidentally got the bill wrong, just own up to it and deal with it professionally.

Sara Lavermicocca

We were able to walk in and get seated in the table serviced section. Lovely and extensive range of cocktails on offer and banana chips were a good touch.

bruno arul

Good cocktails. Not a great selection of food. Ambiance good

Jimmy Burchett

I have been wanting to check this joint out for a long time. Wandered in off the street as doors opened on a Tuesday evening with my wife. Decor is on point; 1950's Cuban rum den 😍 We were greeted and got lucky with a booth to ourselves. First up we tried the Jurassic Juice and the Raspberry Cobbler. The Juice was super zesty with hints of fresh green vegetables. It's definitely a hangover cure! The Cobbler was a perfect balance of sweet red berries and refreshing citrus. A great party starter 🍹 I personally love sitting at the bar and perving on the booze selection so we made moves towards the stools. With over 300 rums the choice was hard. Bartender Chad was super helpful and got me on to a local rum (can not for the life of me remember the name) and smashed out a perfect Daiquiri. My wife got adventurous and had the White Negroni Daiquiri. Very interesting combination of two classic cocktails but it freakin' works. Met the other two lads behind the bar Harry and Harrison and all had a parting shot with us to send us into the night. The drinks and banter was so good we came back the night after for more libation & lubrication. Good drinks. Good people. Good times.

Moussa O

They have some good rum cocktails, the bar tenders were pretty helpful considering I didn’t know much about rum.

Grace Yao

Nice little basement bar with great Caribbean themed decor and cocktails. There’s plenty of comfy seating too with cushions, perfect for groups or couples to sit down for a chat.

  • As alcohol is served participants must be a minimum 18 years of age; photo ID may be required