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Day Trip Blue Mountains

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The Coast Warriors Blue Mountains Tour adventure commences early in the morning and includes a seriously action packed day. This is probably the least touristy tour you can do around the Blue Mountains. Whilst you cover the classics such as the Three Sisters, the majority of the day is spent exploring the best local lookouts, waterfalls, swimming spots and kangaroo hangouts.

The tour includes a BBQ lunch, great local guides and targets a younger audience of travellers. After the day of adventures, the tour finishes back in Sydney where you can continue the festivities at a nearby bar for a free drink with your group and guides.

What's Included
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Hikes to hidden spots
  • Free drink and nibbles afterwards
What to Bring
  • Drinking water + walking footwear + Camera
  • Swimming clothes + towel
How to get There
  • Pickup is from Central Station
  • Eddy Ave, Haymarket NSW 2000

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Nieves cañamero

Coast Warriors has been the best day tour that I've ever done. We had so much fun during all the trip that no one can regret visiting the amazing Blue Mountains with these guys. We went hiking to the Stairs of Doom, the Three Sisters, we saw kangaroos, they organized a nice BBQ in the countryside, gave us sweets during the caravan trip, shared beers at the end, etc...Thanks a lot, Zac and Trent for that day. Hope to see you in other tours :)

Jonathan Hedlund

One of the best top 3 tours of all my life, amazing fellas with that extra touch of friendly service that really surprised me. I honestly had really low expectations so Nick & Trent blew my mind off the grid. They have great looking shirts as well so grab it as a souvenir or dishclot. First time in life it felt like i underpaid as a customer. Great job & continue to whooop ass bromigos!


It is an interesting and exciting journey with coast warriors in our blue Mt trip. We enjoyed it much. The view is amazingly great! They take care of Vegetarian too.

Jake Hornby

Amazing set of lads who really care about giving you the best experience of Sydney and the surrounding areas. They are cheap and affordable in comparison to some of the larger tour companies and in all honesty offer a much more enjoyable experience! I was lucky enough to be apart of one of their day trips to the Sydney Beer Festival back in October. It was a fun filled day of laughter and great memories. Had the time of my life! Will definitely recommend to any backpacker or student! Well done guys, keep up the amazing work!

Jake Cornish

Great day out enjoying the beautiful national park in good company. A truly laid back Aussie tour with a delicious bbq lunch.

agustin V

The best company that makes the travel interesting and interactive, the guides are really cool and you can count on them for everything! Wonderful experience

Eva FinRos

We took this tour to Jarvis Bay and it awesome! These guys have you laughing the entire time and are super attentive! Trent and Abe are true legends!

Alex Clark

I'd been in Australia for three days. I was groggy, 32 hours jet-lagged, and lost in translation...and sitting in my hostel, buried under a stack of tourist pamphlets, is where I found Coast Warriors. I just assumed it was the typical guided bus tour. I was wrong...very wrong. Coast Warriors is like going to a house party at a summer camp...on wheels. Somewhere between Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Animal House and any Bill Murray movie...with a soundtrack entirely made up of "The Horses" by Daryl Braithwaite's. In all my travels, I've never found anything quite like Coast Warriors. It was undoubtably one of the best trips I've ever been on. It was more then just the sights. Like life, it was the people that sets this trip apart. Trent, Abe and the rest of the Coast Warriors crew feel like old friends, not just your guides. Their unbridled enthusiasm, their love for what they do and the way they bring out the best in every group that travels with them is what sets them apart from every other trip company in any other country I've been too. Traveling is often romanticized - an exotic location, a fair off trip, an adventure in a foreign land...but what most travellers won't tell you about are the hard parts. The stress of hostels, the anxiety of being alone in a new country or the feelings of loneliness when your thousands of miles away from home. But no matter how hard it gets, your time with Coast Warriors will make you forget you ever missed home, and years from now when you look back on the memories you made with them, I guarantee you, you'll sit back, smile and wish you could do it all over again.

  • This tour targets under 40s
  • 100% refund policy with 72 hours notice