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Our Experiences in Sydney

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The easiest way to organise your group. Let them:
Vote on an experience
Vote on an date
Start a poll to see what experience your group wants to do and when they are available.

CEO - Tank Stream Labs

Mashay is awesome! We use it for our social events at Tank Stream Labs. It saves us time and the community love the experiences.

Partner - Deloitte

Great way to add variety to our team's socials and share experiences that are different and memorable.

Program Manager - UTS

Instead of trawling Google, Mashay lets you find the best group activities, easily organise your group and book with ease!

Mashay’s Concierge Team provide a full service to help you create a truly memorable events, for teams and clients.
Understand your event goals and group’s requirements.
Curate a shortlist of experiences, leveraging 40+ partnerships.
Help you select, schudule and book to secure your event.
Mashay’s Concierge Team have the contacts, experience and “know how” to take your event to the next level.